Wednesday, October 02 2019


Equifax Customer Notice - Commercial Product Upgrade

Dear Customer

We are excited to announce the completion of a project to enhance our commercial risk scores and reports. Our Commercial Delinquency Score (CDS2) and Business Failure Risk Score (BFRS2) have been redeveloped with new data attributes and modeling techniques to bring enriched performance. We have also launched the new Financial Trade Delinquency Score™ (FTDS), which helps to predict the likelihood that a company will pay its financial trade accounts. This suite of risk scores (CDS2, BFRS2 and FTDS) and indicators (Credit Index and Payment Index), will be added to and bundled with the Equifax Business Credit Report.

Starting November 01, 2019, we will begin the migration to these new and enhanced reports will replace your current report.  This change will take place within our systems. This transition is expected to be seamless, with no effort is required from your end.  For Subscription customers, the migration will take place to align with your contract renewal. 

Customers receiving the Credirisk reports will receive written notice of when the enhanced reports will be available.

You can find more information at:


For questions about these upcoming changes, please contact us by email at gbscanada@equifax.com or by phone at 1-877-227-8800.

Note: If you are also receiving the reports via a System to System transmission, the online report will be upgraded in conjunction with the STS migration. 

Thank you,

Equifax Canada



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