Thursday, April 04 2019


Equifax Notice - Equifax Web Portal Enhancement

Dear Member,

We are pleased to announce an upcoming enhancement to our Equifax member web portal https://www.equifax.ca/credit.

On April 29,2019, a new two factor Authentication process will come into effect. This will replace the Digital Certificates and IP address whitelisting currently required to access the website. It will allow for faster more streamlined access for all our members, as well as remaining consistent with changing technology and up to date with end user and security standards.

SecureAuth, our new login security platform authenticates users via email. Users will receive a one-time registration code that they must enter in order to complete the logon. Since this code is delivered via email, it's imperative that all users have a valid email address associated with their profile. When using multi-factor authentication you will be ask for an authentication code each day as part of your first sign on. Afterwards, for the following 12 hours you will not be requested for a new authentication code.

Should you require assistance to update or verify your current email address setup, you can reach out to your supervisors or contact Equifax.

To request a step by step guide to the new sign-on process, please send an email to cast.ca@equifax.com.

If you have questions about our move to two-factor authentication with SecureAuth, please contact the CAST team at 1-877-257-2090 or cast.ca@equifax.com

Thank you,



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