Tuesday, April 10 2012


Trade Payment Profile

Dear Equifax Member,

We are please to inform you of an exciting enhancement at Equifax!Effective April 10, 2012 the current Trade Payment Profile information received by customers activated for Enhanced Consumer Credit Data (ECCD) will change to a more condensed version.

On the effective date above, internet customers will continue to receive all enhanced segments including telephone numbers, enhanced Trade data and the Trade Payment Profile. The trade payment profile will be delivered in a single line condensed format but still include up to 36 months ratings history.

Current Trade History Format:

ACCOUNT NUMBER 005960680068316

Date Reported     Rate      Payment Frequency
2010/11/04   R 1 Monthly Payments
2010/10/05   R 1 Monthly Payments
2010/09/03   R 2 Monthly Payments
2010/08/05   R 1 Monthly Payments
2010/07/06   R 1 Monthly Payments
2010/06/04   R 1 Monthly Payments
2010/05/05   R 1 Monthly Payments
2010/03/05   R 1 Monthly Payments
2010/02/04   R 1 Monthly Payments

 New Condensed Trade History Format

Previous Reportings : 9         Portfolio Type : R          Payment Frequency : Monthly                   112111111

*Read from Left to Right ie. ‘1’ on the left is the most recent trade rating

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