Thursday, March 01 2012


EFX Notification Data Handling Policy

Dear Valued Equifax Member,

As you are aware, Equifax maintains a multitude of robust data quality controls in order to protect the integrity of personal and credit information available to Equifax Members on an ongoing basis. As such, credit grantors that provide portfolio data are subject to specific North American reporting standards and requirements including:

  • the submission of information about their entire portfolio(s) (both positive and negative data);
  • the provision of portfolio updates on a regularly scheduled basis; and
  • the requirement to investigate (upon request by Equifax) any information disputed by a consumer and to promptly confirm or correct the information as appropriate.

The continuity of data as supplied by our Members is a core element in reflecting the status of a consumer’s current and historical credit information. Data handling and data retention policies work in conjunction with the ongoing supply of data in order to provide our Members with consistent and standardized outputs. As a Member, you rely on us for a product that will facilitate an informed decision regarding both your existing client base and potential new customers.

In the absence of an ongoing relationship with a data supplier, we are not able to reasonably maintain an individual’s credit information as current. As you are aware, credit reporting legislation across the country obligates us to maintain fair and accurate information in our database. As such, in the event that a relationship between Equifax and a current data supplier is terminated, all related credit history information supplied by that Member will be removed from our consumer database within sixty (60) days of the termination date. We trust you will find this satisfactory.

If you have any questions regarding the above or wish to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team via email at ncc@equifax.com or by telephone at 1-877-227-8800.

Thank you for your continued support.

Paul Le Fevre
Global Business Services



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