Friday, October 24 2008


Make Business Credit Decisions More Quickly and Efficiently

How would you like to gain some valuable time during the day? Now you can. Equifax is taking on some of the work that you are typically required to perform in order to process and respond to business credit requests.

Beginning November 1, Equifax will return a Confidence Level Indicator for each candidate delivered to you. The Confidence Level Indicator (CLI) is a rating ranging from 3 – 10 that indicates the level of certainty the candidate returned from the search is the actual or closest match to the input information. Candidates with a CLI 3 indicate a lower quality match and those with a CLI 10 indicate an exact match.

In order to allow you to better take full advantage of CLI, four fields are now mandatory: Company Name, Address (street number, street name) City, and Province Code.

No more culling through long lists of candidates trying to decide which one matches the business you requested. Now you can easily discard the low quality matches and focus your attention on those that have higher match ratings. You can even take it a step further and choose our Best Match service option, which will automatically return the full credit report for the highest match found with a CLI 8 or above.

Due to our certainty that CLI 10 candidates are the best possible match, we will begin charging the full hit price for CLI 10 matches even if you choose not to select the full credit report for that candidate. However, if you choose to receive the full credit report for CLI 10 matches, you will not be charged an additional fee.

Learn more about this new feature and how it can make your job easier. Contact your Equifax account representative or call 1-877-227-8800.



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