Wednesday, February 01 2023


Update on the Consumer Credit File Lock

In compliance with the Credit Assessment Agents Act in Quebec, Equifax Canada is introducing the ability for consumers with a primary address in Quebec to place, suspend, or revoke locks on their Consumer Credit file as a measure of fraud prevention. These capabilities will go live February 1, 2023, in accordance with the regulations. 

What does this mean for you? 

As of February 1, 2023, if a credit grantor submits a request for a non-exempt use case and the consumer has placed a lock on their credit file, Equifax will return a response back to the credit grantor to advise that the credit file will not be returned; “REPORT UNAVAILABLE - CONSUMER HAS LOCKED THEIR CREDIT FILE”. 

Should a credit grantor submit a request for an exempt use case when there is an active lock on the consumer's file, Equifax will return the credit file and include a new Consumer Declaration indicating the file has been locked by the consumer.

Where can you learn more?

Visit our website for further information and documentation, including a list of exempt and non-exempt use cases. If you have any questions or concerns please consult our frequently asked questions. You can also contact your Equifax delivery manager or the Equifax Global Business Services Team by email at GBScanada@equifax.com or phone at 1-877-227-8800 for more information.



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