Monday, April 11 2022


Updated Commercial Credit Scores in UAT

We are happy to announce that updated versions of our three Commercial Credit Scores - Business Failure Risk Score (BFRS2.1), Commercial Delinquency Score (CDS2.1), and Financial Trade Delinquency Score (FTDS1.1) - are now available. These scores are included in the Business Credit Report (Complete View and Risk View), and are not sold as individual products.

The UAT environment is now available to run validations of the newer iterations of the Commercial scores within the Complete View product. Scores will be updated within Risk View in the coming months. If you are a system-to-system (STS) customer, please reach out to the Equifax Canada Migration Support Team at 1-800-387-9986 or by email at BT.sts@equifax.com to have the new versions activated on your account.

If you access the Business Credit Report online through our web portal only, no action is required by you at this time.



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