Saturday, June 19 2010


Q2 2010 Release Update:

New Risk Score and Database Enhancements Provide
Deeper Insight and Improved Customer Experience

Click here to view or download the replay of the Q2 Canada Commercial Release webinar, held on Tuesday, June 22, 2010.

The following new products and enhancements are scheduled for implementation on June 20, 2010.

  • Business Failure Risk Score – this score predicts the likelihood that a company will cease business, voluntarily or involuntarily, within the next 12 months. The Business Failure Risk Score returns a four-digit score, where a lower score represents the highest probability of failure. The score is available with the standard and enhanced Commercial Credit Reports and for batch projects. It will be available with Online Triggers and Online Gold PM in a future release. For more detailed information, refer to the Business Failure Risk Score User Guide.

  • Internet Search Screens – the internet search screen used to submit inquiries for Commercial Credit Reports will be updated to provide a better experience for searching the Equifax commercial credit database. The new internet search screen will be partitioned into three distinctive sections: search by Unique File ID or Phone Number or Business Name and Address. Additionally, a “Search Hints” link has been added that will explain how to attain the best results from the different available search methods. Preview the new search screens.

  • Additional Search/Match Changes – several enhancements to our search/match process will be implemented, including refining the logic for our address and phone/fax searches. These changes will result in best-in-class matching and enable us to return more potential candidates.

  • New Firmographics Data – a new source for firmographics information will be added resulting in higher fill rates for data elements such as SIC code, NAICS, annual sales, employee size, phone and fax, and more. This new data will have direct impact on our Commercial Credit Reports and analytics products, scores in particular.

  • Automated Bankruptcy Processing – we will implement automated bankruptcy processing, which will minimize the amount of manual handling and significantly reduce the time it takes for a bankruptcy to appear on a file. This change will positively impact every credit product.

  • Batch Integration – integration of our online search improvements with our batch process will result in improved fulfillment of off-line requests.

For more information, contact your Equifax account representative or call 1-877-227-8800.



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