Monday, August 23 2021


Preliminary Incent Report for the MFA issue on August 17th.

Preliminary Incident Report

Incident Summary:

On Tuesday August 17, 2021 between 8:00 AM to 8:05 PM ET some customers were unable to receive the 2FA codes required for logging into the Equifax web credit portal (https://www.equifax.ca/credit/). 

Ticket # INC1053446 has been created for this incident.

Customer Impact:

Some customers were unable to log into the Equifax web credit portal due to the 2FA codes not being delivered through the pre-configured email addresses.  . 

Root Cause:

The root cause of this incident is currently under investigation however, current indications point to the Equifax email addresses being listed on our vendor’s blocked / denied list restricting the 2FA code from being processed.   

Incident Resolution and Recovery:

Equifax support teams along with our vendor, were engaged and a technical bridge was opened to review the situation. Support teams updated the 2FA code delivery method from email to phone SMS/TXT within the impacted user’s account settings to temporarily resolve this incident.  In addition, our vendor removed the Equifax user email addresses from the blocked/denied list to resolve the issue.

Permanent Resolution / Next Steps:

Our investigation is ongoing. Once additional action items have been defined an updated incident report will be distributed.



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